What we do

The best way to get a feel for our services is to explore our previous work, or contact us directly for a chat.


Applied outputs that work in the real world

Our wide expertise allows us to create a variety of outputs that are not only scientifically accurate, but tailored to your audience.

Data Visualisation

Online Applications


Supporting Media


The services we offer include:


If what you need is not on the list, please contact us as we might still be able to help.

We love a challenge!

  • We bring information to life in many ways, for example through infographics, technical data visualisation, reporting solutions and media tools.
  • We specialise in science communication and plain reporting. We love making complex information beautiful and accessible.
  • We build, improve, and support information technology systems including databases, web and mobile applications.
  • We deliver workshops, online learning and supporting media (e.g. audio, video, animation). We customise to clients’ needs and either use existing or develop new online learning systems.  Our teaching philosophy is to provide learning that is easy to understand, hands-on and delivers practical value.
  • We are collaboration experts, linking stakeholders and decision-makers to achieve a common goal and help projects succeed through our ability to organise, facilitate and to identify and meet key project needs. In short, we make it easy for our clients to make things happen.
  • We regularly assist organisations through independent reviews and evaluation of programmes, projects and proposals.
  • We provide technical consultancy on topics such as risk or impact assessment, epidemiology and data analysis, surveillance, animal health, human health, food safety, biosecurity, and One Health.
  • We are expert providers of R Shiny development, training and hosting – find out more here.


EPI-interactive is unique in its full integration of subject matter expertise with information technology and design expertise. This sets us apart from others and makes it easy for technical people to work with us. We get your context and are prepared to listen.


Our experience, understanding and knowledge support our clients to effectively and efficiently use technology across a wide range of disciplines. We are highly agile and use a variety of technology tools to support our work.