Using open-source technologies, we visualise data, craft dashboards, research websites and analytical software and help you fine-tune your data science infrastructure.

Insights and user experience

We help you creating dashboards or software applications to make your research or science-based outputs more accessible. Gain new insights and make informed decisions with our bespoke design and development services. Our team specialises in turning your spreadsheets, reports and research into intuitive digital solutions.

Are you requiring more targeted and refined dashboards than those typically available with Excel or out-of-the-box tools? We offer fully scripted “code first” dashboard development using R Shiny as core technology, enabling dashboards that are unique to your requirements and connect with your audience in the best possible way.

This approach offers optimal connectivity to your data sources, pipelines and integration of your analytical code written in R or Python.

Using open-source technology means outputs are not dependant on a single vendor but are reproducible and adaptable.

  • New dashboard development or code refactoring
  • Data integration, incl. APIs and data pipelines
  • Responsive multi-device apps
  • Research software
  • Decision-support tools

Manual reports creation can be time-consuming and tedious for you and your staff. We help you transitioning to fully automated reporting, connected to your data sources:

  • Scheduled reporting with Markdown or Quarto
  • Automated distribution into multiple formats, e.g. PDF, HTML or Word
  • Improvements to data pipelines, incl. SQL scripting

Do you already have R or Shiny code available, and you want to extend it or make it accessible to a wider audience. We can assist with:

  • Code clean-ups and modularisation – your code will be easier for you and others to maintain
  • Functional improvements, e.g. custom plots, navigation or interactivity
  • Applying a professional look and feel based on your brand guidelines – use our in-house graphic design team
  • We can train you in maintaining your code!

Our graphic and information designers help you to design your dashboard from scratch, or we can review and help evolve your existing dashboard.

Our designers will make sure your project does not only work but looks great as well. We also offer help with any supporting media for your project. We can theme outputs based on your brand guidelines and create training or promotional materials.


Our team uses the right tools for the job. We have expertise in a number of technologies. This means we use technology best suited to your requirements and won't force you into a pre-set format. We combine data science and visualisation with full stack development capabilities, so we can help you at every step of your data journey including data collection, integration and database development.

Best of all we can do it all for you through our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. We help you get the most out of your data and research and provide the support you need – we can do it all for you or we help you build capability over time.

Let us do all the work for you. We develop customised tools such as dashboards, applications and websites for your specific requirements and then host and maintain them for you for a subscription fee. This means minimal involvement for you in the technology and support on standby when you need it.

We offer dedicated hosting, support and maintenance plans for your R Shiny dashboard, data pipeline, website, or reporting solution:

  • Professional-level hosting on AWS or Microsoft Azure (certified engineers)
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Maintenance includes applying security updates, uptime monitoring and backups

Data science infrastructure

Are you interested in establishing or scaling up your data science infrastructure that supports research and data driven decision-making and communications? Is your business demanding a more controlled and secure environment to support open-source coding and publishing with R and Python? As Oceania’s Posit (formerly RStudio) Full Service Partner, we can support you with Posit Professional Products and help you using R and Python to its best potential.


Learn more on our Posit page.

Our team of Posit trained software engineers will help you build a scalable technology framework for professional data analytics and science:

  • In-house or cloud implementation on AWS or Microsoft Azure
  • New installations or optimisation of existing Posit Workbench, Connect or Package Manager installations
  • “Infrastructure-as-code” implementations, using Terraform or batch scripting
  • Load-balancing and auto-scaling
  • Authentication and authorisation (e.g. Active Directory, SAML, SSO)
  • Connectivity to data sources

Advice on project setup, business processes and IT security

We are authorised resellers of Rstudio Workbench, Connect and Package Manager licences. As local partner we provide sound and honest advice on the licence setup and help you with the procurement process.

  • New licences, upgrades or renewals
  • We offer competitive pricing in New Zealand dollars

Ask us for a free and non-obligation quote!

Do you require hands-on support with Posit products? Choose one of our Posit Support and Maintenance plans to get on-going assistance from our Posit trained software engineers.

Plans are available here.

Training & learning

R Shiny Masterclass

Learn from our dashboard experts how to build amazing interactive web-based visualisations with R Shiny in our Introductory and Advanced Masterclasses, depending on your skill level.

Customised training

If you are interested in training but our public events aren’t quite a match for you, just reach out to us to discuss custom training for you and your team.
We have experience delivering a wide variety of options project team and organisation-wide workshops.


Our friendly team can also work 1-on-1 with you to learn specific skills or if you are looking for on-demand support.

Public events

Upcoming public events we organise or contribute to, such as conferences or our annual R Exchange, can be explored on our events page.


We have worked with Epi-Interactive from thought bubble through to the realisation of a complex website and online learning program. The Epi-Interactive team was professional, very capable, and able to work with us to realise our vision. Their combination of scientific, design and technical expertise was so very valuable. We are so appreciative of their skill and would highly recommend their services.

Jane Heller – AMR Vet Collective


Our organization, the Chicago Center on Democracy, hired Epi-interactive to work on a project that culminated in a website to track various aspects of global democratic performance. We could not have found a better partner for this project. Epi-interactive’s team has the skills of a web developer, designer, and researcher all in one. Our vision for the website was to not just visualize data statically, but to allow users a high degree of interactivity when exploring the data. Epi-interactive achieved this goal perfectly. Despite the content of the project being new for their team (focusing on political science topics), they were able to understand our needs very well. The process of working with their team was very pleasant and efficient. They are all easy to get along with, they kept the project moving and were understanding about obstacles, they have an excellent design sensibility, and they were able to find solutions to the various problems, large and small, that we threw at them. I highly recommend anyone in need of data visualization, dashboards, or research websites to work with Epi-interactive.

Kevin Kromash – The University of Chicago


Epi-interactive managed the redevelopment and migration of our website over a six month period in 2021/22. The highly professional, effective and efficient project management of this piece of work ensured a seamless process. Communication from the Epi-interactive team was regular, clear, inclusive and collegial. The project was delivered in time, on budget with a great end result. I can’t speak highly enough of the team and unreservedly recommend them.

Wendy Newport-Smith – New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre