Using open-source technologies, we visualise data, craft dashboards, research websites and analytical software, or help you fine-tune your data science infrastructure.

Digital applications

All your information in one quick glance. We can help you create dashboards, applications and websites to display your data and information. Gain new insights and make informed decisions with our data visualisations. Our team specialises in turning your spreadsheets, reports and research into intuitive digital solutions.  We build, extend, refactor or perform code clean ups of apps.

Data-driven insights

Decision-support tools


Hubs and portals

Multi-device apps

Information design

Find the information you need in a flash. Whether it is through data clean-up, machine learning or user experience design, we ensure users can intuitively find what they are looking for and connect with your work. We help you get the most out of your data and research and help enhance awareness and engagement.

Data visualisation

User interface design


Information architecture

Connection & collaboration

We work with you to plan your project from start to finish, beginning with what you want to get out of it. We help with data collection, identifying your data users and how to present your data. Once the foundations are built, we plan out the project step-by-step. This includes key reviews to ensure all stakeholders connect with the finished product and you can achieve the impact you need.

Proof of concept

Stakeholder engagement

Project mapping

Data collection

Framework architecture

Analysis & reporting

Our subject matter experts add value to your data analysis and research. Depending on your needs and preferences we can add to your analysis or take it forward as is.  We are experienced in specialist analysis using spatial, temporal, network or genomic data. We also offer expert consultancy in epidemiology, risk analysis and IT technologies. Our technical expertise means that we design your project to be fit for purpose, scientifically sound and audience specific.

Interactive charts

Searches and filters

Automated reporting

Specialist analysis

Data clean-up

Integration of data sources

Controlled user access

Digital epidemiology

Design & media

Our designers will make sure your project does not only work but looks great as well. We also offer help with any supporting media for your project. We can theme outputs based on your brand guidelines and create training or promotional materials.





Data stories


Support & maintenance

We are here to help as little or as much as you need upon the completion of your project. Epi-interactive offers hosting, support and ongoing maintenance how and when you need it. We are experts in performance tuning and scaling of R Shiny apps for production environments using tools like Nginx, Docker or Kubernetes and RStudio professional products.


IT support

System integration

Cloud hosting (AWS, Azure)

Software maintenance

Diverse technologies

Our team uses the right tools for the job. We have expertise in a number of technologies. This means we use technology best suited to your requirements and won't force you into a pre-set format. We combine data science and visualisation with full stack development capabilities, so can help you at every step of your data journey including data collection, integration and database development.


R Shiny





Machine Learning


Training & learning

We help you make your training shine and support your transformation into the digital space. With expertise in continuous professional development and social science we help you connect with your audience and support you with learning technology that works. We also offer training around data visualisation, advanced analytics and specialist epidemiology topics.

Please see our events page for details.

Media tools


eLearning content

Learning management systems



Why R Shiny for data visualisation?  background image

Why R Shiny for data visualisation?

R Shiny is a rapidly evolving and widely used framework to develop highly customised data visualisations for the web. It provides an accessible and flexible way to create modern information dashboards. While R Shiny is able to draw on the analytical power of R it can also be used to visualise any data as well as outputs from other statistical software. We often use R Shiny in projects to transition from static reports or research outputs to highly accessible and user-friendly dashboards that are easy to interact with.

Open source – no proprietary software

Flexible – can be extended with common web technologies

Full stack capable – integrate with databases, APIs and big data

Powered by R – close to unlimited analytical capability