Comparing current and future climates

Pest risk analysts frequently ask if the climate of a pest risk analysis area could be suitable for the establishment of an organism of concern. The Climate Matching Tool presents results from climate match comparisons between different locations, as well as historical and future climate scenarios, which support biosecurity risk management.

Delivered in collaboration with AgResearch and Better Border Biosecurity B3.

Compare current and future climates scenarios

Using the Climate Matching Tool, users can explore climate similarities between New Zealand and the rest of the world. Both current and future climate scenarios can be compared.  The tool visualises these similarities using the climate matching index (CMI) scale, or alternatively via Köppen-Geiger climate or altitude maps.

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Upload species occurrences data

Users can upload species occurrence records that are then displayed on the NZ - World similarities map. This feature provides users with information about the climatic similarities of the uploaded locations to New Zealand’s climate.

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Compare specific locations

The third core feature of the app allows users to select a set of locations across the world that they would like to investigate in detail.

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