Are you eager to explore how to create intuitive dashboards, streamline your data pipelines with DevOps tools and cloud services or learn how AI tools can enhance your data science endeavours? In this webinar series Epi-interactive's team of experts will delve into how new developments can help you produce data-driven outputs to support a variety of objectives in your organisation. Whether you're a data scientist, analyst, technology enthusiast or seasoned leader, this free webinar series is meant to inspire you and showcase some exciting approaches and their practical application.

Epi-interactive's interdisciplinary team connects data, science and people. Anchored by our passion to improve human, animal and environmental health, we make data and research more accessible and link complex analytics with practical decisions. We are known for our custom-designed dashboards using open-source technologies and building highly effective data and analytics infrastructures. Through our partnership with Posit we also help teams and organisations building up highly effective data science infrastructures and engage globally within a network of interdisciplinary expertise.


Online webinars

August  October 2023

These webinars have been completed.

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Revolutionise your dashboards: How to bring captivating, intuitive designs to life

Delve with us into the art of transforming your dashboard into a powerful customised tool that captivate users and drives impactful decision-making. We will explore how to design visually stunning interfaces that not only catch the eye but also effectively communicate complex data in an intuitive manner. During this session we will take you through the process of designing dashboards, consulting with stakeholders and implementing the design in your dashboard code.

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24 August 2023,
11am–12pm NZST

DevOps in the cloud: How to streamline data pipelines to boost R and Python outputs

Whether you are a data scientist, analyst, or developer, explore with our experts how to use cloud services as well as DevOps practices and tools to cut down manual processes in your coding. We will share best practices and real-world examples to illustrate how organisations are successfully integrating DevOps and cloud services to streamline their data pipelines, resulting in faster, more reliable, and higher-quality R and Python outputs.

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7 September 2023,
11am–12pm NZST

Exploring the AI toolbox: How to amplify visualisation, code generation, and process optimisation

Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the AI toolbox and embark on a path towards enhanced efficiency, innovation, and success in your data science endeavours. We will discuss the capabilities of AI tools such as ChatGPT API, Phind, and Firefly to support data-driven workflows and outputs, and their potential to transform how we work with data.

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12 October 2023,
11am–12pm NZDT