R Exchange 2024

Shanna Tervoort-McLeod

Design Lead

Shanna is the design lead at Epi-interactive. She is passionate about creating stunning dashboard interfaces and data visualisations. Her focus is visually communicating data analytics in a way the makes the information accessible and easy to understand for the target audience, be it the public, data scientist or decision makers.

Photo of Shanna Tervoort-McLeod
"The AI tools revolution: Accelerating efficiency in data science"

As AI tools become part of everyday life, you may wonder how you could use them elevate your data science workflow and communicate information to your audience. Come with us to explore our AI toolbox and embark on a path towards enhanced efficiency, innovation, and success in your data science endeavours. We will discuss the capabilities of AI tools such as ChatGPT API, Phind, and Firefly to support data-driven workflows and outputs, and their potential to transform how we work with and visualise data.