R Exchange 2024

Prof Simon Jackman

University of Sydney

A distinguished scholar in political science and data analytics Simon is known for his work on poll averaging, combining polls over the course of an election campaign to produce better predictions of election outcomes. Committed to advancing quantitative research, his work aims to influence academic discourse and informs strategic decisions in politics. As a sought-after speaker, he provides insights into understanding political behaviour and the evolving role of data analytics in shaping the democratic processes.

Photo of Prof Simon Jackman
"Leveraging dynamic reports for management consulting and political polling"

The presentation will explore how data can be presented across commercial and political landscapes, with the goal to harmonise requirements of both consumer psychology and political science within one application. Insightsportal.com is used as a show case for the seamless integration of R-based Tools and Quarto to support automated and standardised reporting of insights across various domains. The talk demonstrates and reflects on how custom tools can facilitate informed decision-making and contribute to strategic decision-making in the political arena.