R Exchange 2024

Guillem de Valles Ibáñez

Computational scientist

As computational scientist Guillem works on solutions and technologies for dealing with the most complex problems in High Performance Computing (HPC), helping scientists coming from different backgrounds with their computational needs. He is equipped with a wide multidisciplinary background from marine sciences to comparative and medical genomics and bioinformatics.

Photo of Guillem de Valles Ibáñez
"Integrating R with HPC – success stories form pharmaceutical research"

Roche's HPC (High Performance Computing) clusters for pharmaceutical research heavily rely on the use of the R; however providing R and its panoply of packages to thousands of scientists is not an easy task. In this talk Guillem will give us a glimpse of how Roche achieves this on a daily basis, allowing the users to access extensive computational resources (CPUs, GPUs and storage) and to create state-of-the-art scientific outputs for pharmaceutical research.