R Exchange 2024

Dr Dorian von Freyhold


As adept consumer psychology expert, Dorian employs advanced research methodologies to drive revenue in tech-centric sectors like FMCG, private equity, media, fintech, and consumer services. He led the development of Insightsportal.com, transforming how insights are delivered in the context of consultancies, market research, and political polling. Dorian’s work aims to reshape data presentation, unlocking insights at the nexus of technology, business, and politics.

Photo of Dr Dorian von Freyhold
"Leveraging dynamic reports for management consulting and political polling"

The presentation will explore how data can be presented across commercial and political landscapes, with the goal to harmonise requirements of both consumer psychology and political science within one application. Insightsportal.com is used as a show case for the seamless integration of R-based Tools and Quarto to support automated and standardised reporting of insights across various domains. The talk demonstrates and reflects on how custom tools can facilitate informed decision-making and contribute to strategic decision-making in the political arena.