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Epidemiology and Veterinary Public Health

We provide high-level technical consultancy, including risk or impact assessment, epidemiological analysis, surveillance, animal health, food safety, biosecurity, and One Health.

We are committed to delivering quality, evidence-based solutions in the fields of epidemiology and veterinary public health. We achieve this through our in-house multidisciplinary expert knowledge base, as well as through in-depth collaboration with global experts. Our comprehensive scientific knowledge and research expertise underpin the delivery of robust and innovative solutions for government and corporate clients. 

We offer you technical consultation and support in a variety of areas, including:

  • Surveillance, biosecurity, disease control and food safety
  • Risk assessment, including source attribution and risk ranking
  • Epidemiology, including molecular epidemiology and health informatics
  • Capacity building and international development
  • Support for international animal health and trade
  • Data analysis and visualisation, including infographic design
  • One Health initiatives
  • Surveillance evaluation
  • Synthesis and interpretation of information such as systematic reviews 
  • Research project support and supervision 
  • Project management
  • Workshop and meeting facilitation
  • Knowledge brokering, in particular linking researchers and decision-makers
  • Review of project proposals or outputs


Services - Epidemiology

Information Technology

We build, improve, and support information technology systems including databases, business intelligence solutions, and web and mobile applications.

Epi-interactive is unique in having subject matter, information technology and design expertise in-house. We get the big picture and take pride in providing integrated quality tech solutions that meet your needs and look great. Our experience, understanding and knowledge can help you use technology effectively and efficiently across a wide range of disciplines.

We offer comprehensive information technology development and support in a variety of areas, including:

  • Web application development, including e-tools, websites, apps
  • Information management
  • Animal health information systems
  • Database development
  • Data analysis and visualisation, e.g. through interactive dashboards using Google Maps and Charts or R with the Shiny visualisation package
  • Development of e-learning systems and tools 


Training and Learning

We deliver workshops, online learning and media education, whatever the best format. Clients highly value our customised approach and we can also teach you how to develop online learning yourself.

Our teaching philosophy is to provide learning that is easy to understand, hands-on and delivers practical value. Delivery of courses can be either face-to-face, in an online environment or a mix of both (blended learning). We create learning that engages your staff or stakeholders, is interactive and sometimes fun to play with. Additionally we design add-ons that provide the “stickiness factor”, like info or motion graphics, posters or quick reference guides. 

We have hands-on experience with a range of open source and commercial e-Learning authoring tools and learning management systems. Besides our capabilities in face-to-face training we specialise in using web technologies to support learning and communication – from educational tools and solutions for stakeholder communication to online collaboration platforms.

We offer a broad range of training and learning services, including:

  • Development and delivery of tailored training programs and workshops on a variety of topics e.g. risk assessment, epidemiology, One Health, surveillance, diagnostic tests and study design 
  • Design and development of custom e-Learning modules in HTML5 for the web or mobile devices
  • Creation of blended learning programmes (a mix of face-to-face and online learning)
  • Support with implementation of e-Learning, e.g. publishing to a website or learning management system 
  • Media development, e.g. animations, motion graphics, interactive diagrams
  • Support for learning management system (LMS) selection and integration
  • Online learning and learning technologies consulting
  • Reporting solutions for training and learning data
  • Google Charts and Maps training


Information Synthesis, Visualisation and Dissemination

We bring information to life in many ways, for example through infographics, technical data visualisation and media tools. We also specialise in plain reporting to lay audiences and love making complex information beautiful and accessible.

We have a strong interest in data visualisation, striving to translate scientific and technical knowledge into practical applications. 

From scientific publications to technical and plain language reports, through the development of seminars, infographics, data sheets, workshops, face-to-face or online training programmes and interactive web applications, or just via a chat over coffee, we are committed to ensuring that vital information reaches the widest possible audience.

Our team has a unique combination of data analysis and statistical expertise, combined with outstanding visual design, learning and communication skills, allowing us to interpret and disseminate different types of information to just about any audience.

We regularly produce reports and services for government agencies, both in New Zealand and overseas, and are thus highly familiar with the requirements of data dissemination in this unique arena.


Facilitation and Project Support

We are collaboration experts, linking for example stakeholders and decision-makers, to achieve a common goal and help projects succeed through our ability to organise, facilitate and to identify and meet key project needs. In short, we make it easy for you to make things happen.

We believe the best solutions require active collaboration. Our approach involves frequent interaction with our clients to guarantee successful outcomes. If we don't hold the right expertise ourselves, we source it through our extensive international network. We utilise this network both to create and validate our outputs, typically accessing and combining expertise from multiple disciplines within any one project. This approach allows us to maintain our high standards and to ensure project objectives are met in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Thanks to our broad base of expertise and experience, we are able to deliver consulting services on the strategic and technical levels to a wide range of clients, including private companies, government bodies, international organisations and academic institutions.


Review and Evaluation

We regularly assist organisations through independent reviews and evaluation of programmes, projects and proposals. 

We contribute, for example, to the systematic evaluation of projects, programmes and proposals. Our aim is to ensure that you meet or exceed all of your stated objectives. We do this through a standardised and structured process that aims to provide constructive and evidence-based feedback.

Further, we provide external and independent review services to help expand project outputs or to add additional credibility. Where required this can involve high-level experts from our international network to ensure independence and add the “guru-factor”.