Key epidemiological concepts for a global audience

This easy and free to use multi-lingual tool allows users to calculate key measures of association between an exposure and an outcome, such as a relative risk or an odds ratio. Beyond applying the underlying logic, exploratory animations and context sensitive text help users understand how the measures are calculated, how they are interpreted and what the subtle differences between the different measures are.

An innovative approach to teaching

With this tool we didn’t just want to replicate what has always been done, but had the vision to take the teaching of epidemiological methods to the next level. Hence, while we provide an easy to use online calculator for the different measures of association, we also allow users to interactively explore how each measure is calculated through explanatory animations and annotations. This helps users improve how they apply and interpret the different measures and provides them with constant opportunities to refresh their knowledge while they make use of the free online tool.

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Knowledge transfer for a global audience

To keep this tool accessible to a wide audience, we created multiple language options. Any language can be added to the app; and users can easily switch between them through a drop-down menu.

By facilitating teaching of key epidemiological concepts across language barriers the app is able to support epidemiologists working globally to improve health outcomes in humans and animals and to reduce the risk of future pandemics through regional or in-country training and capability building initiatives.

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Interactive learning

Interactive GIFs provide a visual aid for learning how values in the table are combined to derive different measures of association. Detailed interpretations are provided for each calculation and adjusted to the data entered and the choice of study type.

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