Kupe data explorer

The Health and Lifestyles Survey is conducted by the Health Promotion Agency / Te Hiringa Hauora (HPA) to collect New Zealanders’ views and experiences with a number of health and lifestyle topics including alcohol, gambling, how we eat, Māori cultural identity, mental health and wellbeing, sun exposure and tobacco. The data from this survey is used to develop ways to help New Zealanders live healthily in their everyday life. The survey is carried out by face-to-face interviews and has been conducted every two years since 2008.

We worked with HPA to create Kupe, a web-based dashboard that generates interactive data visualisations of the survey results. The dashboard enables users to explore different health and lifestyle topics and compare results between survey years and different subgroups.

 Access the Kupe data explorer here

Software used:

  • R, RStudio Shiny
  • Plot.ly


  • Client:

    Health Promotion Agency

  • Categories:

    IT services, Information synthesis, visualisation and dissemination

  • Project completed:2018, 2019 (data update)