RStudio Certified Partner

We build dashboards and what better way to do this than with a global software partner that is pushing the boundaries in specialist data visualisation.

What we offer

As an RStudio Full Service Certified Partner, we offer training, implementation, management, and software development services. We employ certified R administrators and resell RStudio products - professional software for statistical data analysis, package management, and sharing data products. Connecting data and science with decision making is what we do, and RStudio provides us with a highly scalable technology framework that is used by government organisations, industry and academia worldwide.

What does this mean for you?

Through our collaboration with RStudio we can help you build professional data science solutions. We can offer professional support with your data visualisations and RStudio products at every step of the process, and help with integrations with other programming languages, e.g. Python.

Mythbuster: You don’t have to be a R user to work with RStudio products.

Book a meeting for a free consultation and product demonstration or email us at to learn more and discuss your software and data visualisation needs.

About RStudio

RStudio’s mission is to create free and open-source software for data science, scientific research, and technical communication. RStudio leads contributions to over 250 open-source projects, including numerous R packages for data manipulation, exploration and visualisation, modelling, and machine learning. RStudio is the powerhouse behind the R Shiny package for interactive web applications. The open source tools are complemented by a modular platform of commercial software products that give organisations the confidence to adopt R, Python and other open-source data science software at scale.

RStudio products

RStudio Team

A bundle of professional software for statistical analysis, publishing results and managing R packages.

RStudio Server Pro

The preferred data analysis and integrated development experience for professional R users and data science teams who use R and Python. It makes programming, collaborating, and sharing of code easier in a secure corporate environment.

RStudio Connect

Provide access to your results to stakeholders and collaborators. RStudio Connect offers push-button publishing of R Shiny apps and Markdown reports. Schedule reports and deploy your R Shiny apps with scale. You can add access control and link outputs to your corporate authentication method, like AD or LDAP.

RStudio Package Manager

Control and manage all R packages and versions your organisation uses, or that your data products depend on. You can either access CRAN or provide a curated subset of R packages behind your firewall.

RStudio support & services

Keen to get started but not sure how? As trained partners of RStudio we can help with integrating RStudio professional products into your business. We offer advice and help with your In-House installation, administration and deployment. We also provide Fully Managed Services where we set up, host, maintain and support a dedicated RStudio environment for your organisation on AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Extended support and offerings:

  • Virtual or on-site* support, product and technical training, professional services
  • R, R Shiny and Markdown development, including deployment and configuration
  • Linux host installation, including scaling up of environment for production - Kubernetes, Slurm, Launcher
  • Database administration and connection
  • Integration with non-RStudio products

*On-site supported currently in New Zealand only