Workshops: Data visualisation

Skilled data visualisation can make an important contribution to many domains from surveillance to research and policy setting by creating better access to data, for example by allowing quick identification of clusters, trends, gaps, or outliers; and enabling users to visually locate relationships and interactions in an easier way than via traditional metadata tables. Further, the transition from static to interactive and animated ways to communicate data provides an exciting expansion of the tools and methods available. Most importantly, visualising data well (especially in space and time) can impress, enthuse and engage key audiences (i.e. decision-makers, industry partners and key stakeholders, the public…).

As a team, we deliver a wide range of data visualisation workshops which we customise for each audience. If you are interested in a data visualisation workshop for your organisation, please contact Uli at


  • Private workshop, Wellington, New Zealand; May 2017. In collaboration with ICAHS 3.
  • SVEPM 2015 Ghent, Belgium. Pre-conference Workshop. Delivered in collaboration with Dr F. Vial (Uni Bern) and Prof K. Stärk (SAFOSO).
  • ANZCVS Science Week 2016, Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. Pre-conference Workshop. Delivered in collaboration with Prof M. Stevenson and Dr Simon Firestone (University of Melbourne).
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  • Arruda A, Muellner P, Muellner U, Ahlstrom C, Morrison R, Perez A. Development of a user-friendly and analytically strong platform to support near real-time surveillance of food animal diseases. International Conference for Animal Health Surveillance (ICAHS 3), Rotorua, New Zealand, April 2017. 
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